1-Day Training with Michael Brody-waite

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Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts 1-Day Training with Michael Brody-Waite

Join us for an unforgettable day with Michael Brody-Waite. Michael is a recovering addict, acclaimed speaker, Inc. 500 Founder, and author of Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts: How to Lead Like Your Life Depends on It.

Michael’s TEDx Nashville YouTube video, “Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do,” is the #1 talk in the history of TEDx Nashville, with over 3 million views from people in 25+ countries that gives the foundation for Systematic Uncomfortable Work.

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How do you know this 1-day training is right for you?

You have an incredibly talented team, but they aren’t reaching their full potential. They say yes to low-value work, hide weaknesses, or avoid difficult conversations necessary to optimize their time & talent. If you’ve given them books or trainings and they still aren’t doing their Uncomfortable Work Systematically, then this is exactly why you need this 1-day training.

What is Sytematic Uncomfortable Work?

Based on a 100-year-old proven process, Systematic Uncomfortable Work was created by merging the extremely powerful 12-step reinforcement tools used by millions of recovering addicts with tirelessly researched business best practices.

We’ve helped 20,000+ leaders do their Systematic, Uncomfortable Work at larger organizations like Google, Dell, and the U.S. Army, as well as smaller nonprofits or startups and 100+ Vistage-sized companies.

With Systematic Uncomfortable Work, you will…

  • Reclaim 50 days of productivity per employee.
  • Attend 45% fewer meetings.
  • Increase my time spent on Highest Value Activities by 200%.
  • Complete 32% more of my “high” priorities.

Which results in:

  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction
  • Decreased employee and customer attrition
  • Faster revenue and profit growth
In our 1-Day training, you will work with Michael to:
  1. Identify all Uncomfortable Work being avoided
  2. Calculate time and financial value lost
  3. Double Down on Highest Value Activities
  4. Identify and overcome the Death or Doom Script that stops us
  5. Walk out with an action plan for accountability
  6. Learn a specific method that empowers you to “Say No” in a way that is heard, respected, and celebrated (seriously.)

Here’s what recent attendees had to say about our 1-Day training:

I am blown away by what was accomplished in a short amount of time.” – Arash.

Very helpful and actionable, I think this is a realistic framework to execute on. Great level off engagement from the group, everyone seemed relaxed and comfortable even though we were doing “uncomfortable work”– Nick S.

“This training session is helpful in all walks of life/business. Uncomfortable work starts here! -Josh.

“Second time seeing Michael. He was excellent and enjoyed the interaction more in the full day offering than the 2.5 hour session at Vistage. This is so good for our leadership team and made it ok to open up discussion on things we may not address on our weekly calls.”

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October 9, 2024 9:00 am


4900 Centennial Boulevard #Suite 300 Nashville TN 37209 United States

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Here's what recent attendees had to say about our 1-Day training:

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