Does everyone on your team lead themselves?

Learn how to Say No to the wrong things so you can double down on the right things.

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Is your team saying yes to the wrong things instead of the right things?


Days per Year

spent on low-value work


of meetings

serve no executive purpose


of employees

over commit because they can’t say no


hours per month

spent in unproductive meetings

3 out of 5

employees cannot

complete their to-dos

Empower your team to Say No using The Three Principles of Addictive Leadership that have helped millions of people learn to lead themselves.

“Addictive Leadership helped us avoid missing our opportunity.”

“What keeps me up at night is us not being able to have the impact I know we’re capable of. Addictive Leadership helped us avoid missing our opportunity and we’ve exceeded our results after our training.”

– Michelle Haggerty, COO & US President – Prosci


Let’s talk about our training.

1-Day Training

Our trainings are offered in:

  • 2-Hour Trainings
  • 4-Hour Trainings
  • 6-Hour Trainings

What is included in the training?

6 Step Say No System

  1. “Wrong Yes” Inventory
  2. “Wrong Yes” Cost
  3. “Right Yes” Value
  4. Fear Factor Tool
  5. Say No Action Card
  6. Say No Script

Here’s what happens when you hire us for a training:

More difficult conversations in 1 day than in the previous year.

Ted, President at Tri-Star Bank, 90 Employees

Reclaimed 500 hours in the first 20 days.

Michelle, COO at Prosci, 250 Employees

Canceled 3 projects. 10,000 more people served.

Katie, Director at Adams County, Colorado, 800 Employees

No to product ambiguity created $250M increase in enterprise value.

Jeff, Co-Founder & CEO of Kythera Labs, 30 Employees

All Addictive Leadership clients come away with a simple system to Say No, ongoing support & accountability, and valuable tools to measure ROI.

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As their business grew and the team scaled, the leaders at Redeemer’s Group found themselves saying yes to everything: low-value tasks, poor performance from team members, unrealistic expectations from customers, workplace distractions and culture-killing chatter.

Here’s what happened when they called in the coaches at Addictive Leadership to give them the framework they needed to grow forward together.

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“This program works. It’s that simple.”

“The process helped my team identify significant opportunity costs across our business that if not addressed would amount to over $260M in missed valuation over the next two years. We’ve proactively integrated the approach into our organization from top to bottom. Specifically focusing on organizational health and avoiding ambiguity that leads to confusion and whiplash in engineering and development among other things. Michael’s proactive scheduling of follow-ups with our team has helped us not lose momentum while also integrating specific ideas for our unique organization. This program works. It’s that simple. We are thankful for Addictive Leadership and highly recommend it to any other business.”

– Jeff McDonald, Co-Founder & CEO of Kythera Labs

Addictive Leadership has


at some of the best companies and organizations

in the world.

Begin your Say No journey now—and we’ll stay with you every step of the way.

Provide clarity for the leadership team in order to grow the business.

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Feel more productive and satisfied at work.

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Learn how to delegate, advocate, and determine next steps.

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