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Why My Program Isn’t Your Standard Corporate Ropes Course

During the past few years of Work From Home, the Great Resignation, and challenges of employee burnout and low engagement, companies are looking for creative ways to improve collaboration and bring employees together for a stronger company culture. But too often, these efforts take the form of cookie-cutter corporate team-building exercises or one-and-done training sessions. 

These team-building and training events (corporate ropes courses, motivational speakers, free pizza for lunch!) are well intentioned and can often be fun. But they do not translate to organizational change or create a lasting positive impact on the business.

Here are a few big reasons why traditional team building doesn’t work: 

  • It’s not relevant to people’s jobs: Doing a ropes course or team-building exercise can be fun, but it doesn’t really help people do their jobs better. What if your corporate training event could give people real skills and perspectives to immediately make their work life better? 
  • It’s not connected to people’s real challenges: Instead of doing a fun-but-irrelevant activity, why not give people a collaborative, thoughtful environment where they can share their real struggles and get new insights on how to drive productivity? 
  • It’s one day only: A traditional team-building exercise is one-and-done, a pleasant distraction. But then the fun ends, and everyone goes back to work – but often without any real improvement in how they collaborate. If you’re going to invest thousands of dollars in team building, why not make a long-term commitment – and get lasting results?  

What should your company do instead of team-building exercises? Invest in improving your company culture: 

Here are a few reasons why Addictive Leadership training goes beyond the usual team-building event – and helps transform your organization’s culture and empowers your people with real-life leadership skills. 

Solve the Real Problems in Your Organization

Every organization right now is struggling with many of the same challenges: Discord among employees, low morale, burnout, high turnover, people feeling disconnected from their peers, employees feeling disconnected from the business goals and mission. 

According to the Gallup State of the Global Workplace 2022 report:

  • Only 33% of employees are engaged at work
  • 60% of people say they are emotionally detached
  • 50% feel stressed on a daily basis

One day at a corporate ropes course won’t correct these problems. Instead, go deeper into the root causes of why people are feeling disconnected and stressed. Addictive Leadership helps your team have real, in-depth conversations where people can share their unique perspectives with authentic communication. We’ll help your people identify the real causes of workplace stress and help everyone feel more engaged and work better – in ways that drive value for the business. 

Create Systemic Change

Team-building events, ropes courses, catered lunches, and other perks are pleasant distractions, but they don’t really relieve the pressure points that are causing people’s burnout and turnover. 

People might say, “Oh wow, it’s fun to have a team-building outing and a free lunch, but I still have a calendar full of meetings and a plate full of tasks that I’m really stressed out about.” 

Instead, Addictive Leadership gives your team a new systemic approach to how you communicate and how you prioritize tasks. We’ll help you manage and reduce your stress – by learning how to “Say No” to unnecessary meetings and lower-value activities, so you can Say Yes to the right priorities that drive the biggest impact for the business. 

We give people the tools and confidence to Say No when they need to. And our program empowers your people to have uncomfortable – but important – conversations at work in a way that creates clarity and opens opportunities for growth.

Build Accountability for Lasting, Systemic Change

Perhaps the biggest reason why Addictive Leadership is different from typical team building: we work with you for the long term. Instead of a one-day activity, we give you a year of ongoing Sponsorship – with mentoring, coaching, and check-ins. We serve as your organization’s accountability partner to make sure you create lasting change. 

It’s all based on our proven framework: the Three Principles that have helped millions of people recover from addiction – and have helped hundreds of our clients create positive changes to their company culture:

  1. Practice Rigorous Authenticity
  2. Surrender the Outcome
  3. Do Uncomfortable Work  

The Addictive Leadership program is about consistency. In addition to the ongoing framework, Action Cards, and a Sponsorship program of monthly Team Meetings and weekly one-on-one Coaching, we keep you accountable with monthly meetings focused on:

Accountability – Just as addicts need a sponsor to keep them accountable, the Addictive Leadership will Sponsor your leaders to create goals and keep them on the path to success with monthly meetings.

Say No Victories – In our accountability meetings, your team shares how Saying No created a victory in real terms: hours reinvested, money saved, new revenue earned. This is how your organization flips the script from feeling good about saying “yes” to feeling more successful with every No. 

Inspiration Shares – Hearing your team Say No to the things standing in their way will inspire others to start Saying No, too! Your team will share what they’re inspired to change thanks to the Say No Victories shared in the accountability meeting. By the end of the year, you’ll have Certified Say No Sponsors on your team within your organization, helping you drive continuous improvement and lasting growth. 

One of our clients saved $65,000 with a single Say No Victory – an uncomfortable conversation where he was able to have the clarity and confidence to be authentic with people and do what was right for the business. 

Start making real changes in your company culture. Stop wasting money on do-nothing ropes courses and team-building days. Get the proven program designed for companies in growth mode, experiencing high employee turnover, low productivity, and missed opportunities. Let’s talk about how Addictive Leadership can empower your people to “Say No” when it matters, clear room on their calendars, open up their creativity and confidence – and drive big results for your business in a way that makes work (and life) better for everyone.